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We boast strong relations with our huge network of the country’s top truckload carriers, giving you highly affordable rates. You can choose from the various modes of transport under FTL including straight trucks, tractor trailers, flatbeds, roller beds, refrigerated units, etc. We’ll route trucks directly to your destination, eliminating the risk of delay.

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With us, you are assured of:


Fragile or high-risk delivery :

We pay undivided attention to loading and unloading your FTL shipment. So, rest assured that your package is in good hands from start to the finish.


Real-time tracking :

Thanks to technology, we have advanced tools that help us with real-time tracking. Knowing your cargo’s whereabouts while on transit gives you peace of mind.


Consistent Transportation :

Exclusively booking space in a truck means that we do not repack or switch the shipment throughout the whole transfer. The goods remain in the same vehicle without changing housing or hands.


Prompt Delivery :

Since there’s no switching involved, we’ll send the package in a timely manner to the destination. Get your packages on time even during unusually high-demanding times including seasonal rushes or festive seasons.

Tired of having to quote and monitor shipments by yourself? Our innovative tech and dedicated support are here to simplify the process for you.